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To spruce up your event, we offer a large selection of accessories made of premium material to serve beverages and food elegantly.

Bunting Flags

Whether you are organising a sports event, preparing a party, or simply wishing to add creative decorations to your food outlet, our festive Bunting Flags are a sure-fire means to bring cheerful notes to your celebration and enliven your decor. Our Personalised Bunting Flags and Customised Hand Waving Flags can be designed attractively in-house, while our best-selling Stock Bunting Flags are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Transparent Dome Lids

The excellent clarity of our Transparent Dome Lids allows you to display your food items inside the cups in an enticing manner. The additional space created makes it easy to go overboard safely to offer the feel of a genuinely full cup. This will certainly enhance customer satisfaction. Attract your customers by being imaginative and using our cups and Transparent Dome Lids to serve other products like pasta and snacks.

Popcorn Machines

Popcorn should be enjoyed fresh. Our large portable Popcorn Machines, available for hire, are suitable for various kinds of events, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you wish to jazz up your wedding celebration or birthday party, or are participating in a fair or corporate event, our electric Popcorn Machines will make your event memorable. Safe and easy to operate, they come with popcorn kernels, oil and attractively personalised Popcorn Boxes.

Paper Cup Sleeves

Our appealing Paper Cup Sleeves pair perfectly with our Single Wall Cups. They are extremely useful and convenient if you need to serve piping hot beverages as they offer a supplementary protection to prevent burning while holding the cups. They are designed ergonomically by our in-house production team to wrap up the cups perfectly while offering a solid grip. Our Paper Cup Sleeves make perfect side products in coffee shops.

They wrap up perfectly and serve as an additional protection to guard against burning while holding piping hot beverages.

Sip Through Lids

Our Sip through Lids are much prized by our customers. Strong and having a good resistance to heat, they are perfect accessories for takeaway hot drinks like coffee. Fitting perfectly with our range of paper cups, they avoid spilling and maintain the right temperature. Our Sip through Lids are user-friendly -customers do not have to move the lid to enjoy their drinks. The lids are suited for cold drinks too.