Ice Cream Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups made from a minimum 265gsm paper board, paper ice cream cups are the classical favourite ice cream pots, known for their strength and durability against damp or frozen food like ice creams and yogurts

Our branded Ice Cream Cups have been scrupulously crafted to keep your frozen products fresh while visually making them incredibly delicious. They may be personalised with any design to make your products even more tempting.

Ice cream, frozen yogurts and gelatos are desserts of caprice that simply cannot go without an equally appealing packaging. Our branded Ice Cream Cups have been designed specifically to make your frozen products delicious even from the outside. Thanks to the thick wall, all the varieties of flavour are prolonged for long. Think of any printed design and we will hand over perfection to you.

the salient features of Ice Cream Cups

    • Food safe inks used for printing.
    • Full colour print.
    • Custom printing up to 8 colours.
    • Food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination to ensure health safety.
    • Recyclable, environment-friendly and 99% biodegradable.
    • Minimum 265 gsm paper boards used per cup.
    • Unlimited designs as per your requirements.
    • In-house design available.
    • Minimum order 1000 cups for 3, 5 and 8 oz.
    • Available as Single Wall Paper Cups.

The perfect ice cream cup is what makes the ice cream tastier

“We eat first with our eyes” is a true saying in the food business. Whether you are an ice cream maker or have an ice cream parlour, what is your dessert without an alluring packaging? Our branded Ice Cream Cups provide the required visual cues to attract customers to your frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelatos or slush drinks. Robust, they similarly allow young and older to take all their time to enjoy their tasty desserts.


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