14th June 2020

The Incredible Advertising Potency of Branded Paper Cups

Biodegradable Double Wall Paper CupsBranded paper cups remain a useful marketing tool even after the rise of social media. No surprise, top brands such as Google, Lexus, Tetley have resorted to paper cup branding.

Sometimes, it can be a marketing mistake to discount branded paper cups. And this is because they cater to the love for the most revered beverages. Plus, they are more mobile compared to social media.

Always, branded paper cups kickoff their influence from within your business. After leaving a mark on your employees, these coffee cups then move to the public. From conferences to parks and social events, their marketing power is vast.

Here are more things you need to know about what makes branded paper cups so powerful!

Branded Paper Cups Capitalise on the Power of Touch

Branded paper cups are about creating experiences and generating emotions. They are so effective because they capitalise on one of our most potent senses — touch. Every time you drink coffee, you interact and touch the cup for up to 20 minutes.

Science tells us, touching is the best way to capture an object’s details and record it in the brain. Your recall levels shoot up whenever you shake hands or touch anything. As per the Association for Psychological Science, touching creates detailed and highly accurate images of an object.

Touching branded paper cups helps people to recognise and enhance brand awareness. One coffee drinking session can remind prospects of your logos and mission statements.

The best part, people love coffee, and most of us can take several mugs per day. So, if you’ve invested in enough branded paper cups, you’re bound to reach the customer more than once. In addition, consistent interaction with a promotional tool births strong client to brand connection.

Capitalise on the Power of Java and Tea

According to the British Coffee Association, coffee is the most consumed beverage, with around two billion cups taken daily. In the UK alone, coffee lovers tipple over 95 million cups of coffee per day. The high coffee consumption boosts the appeal of branded paper cups as a marketing tool.

Coffee drinking offers businesses a vast audience that doesn’t incline to specific products. Thus, any business can take advantage of the love of coffee to grow their brand. Whether you’re a fashion store or a food supplier, branded paper cups can reach your audience.

Branded Paper Cups are Mobile Advertisements

Branded paper cups primary potency comes in their ability to reach many places. That makes it possible for the prospects to know the brand and associate with its products.

When you etch your logo or brand name on these coffee cups, you can turn your drink into a mobile advertisement.

Their mobility puts your brand in the hands of a vast audience. Imagine a customer using your branded coffee cup in a mall or a park. Your brand earns free publicity and social proof from a single paper coffee cup.

Here, branded paper cups’ power beats billboards, TV, and brochures by many miles. This is because unlike TV and billboards, branded coffee cup marketing is cheaper.

Blending Branded Paper Cups with Digital Marketing

Another advantage of branded paper cups is that they can combine well with digital marketing mediums. No matter which marketing technique you’re using, you can integrate them to boost your visibility.

In blogs, branded paper cups’ photos can increase the quality of your posts and add value to your readers. In this case, pictures of people holding your coffee cups can be more valid.

You may also take advantage of users’ photos. Or you can hire influencers to display the branded paper cups on their profiles. Think of a video showing an influencer using your branded cups. This can help to increase your credibility. It can also help to attract the influencer’s fans to your business.

Branded Paper Cups Showcase Your Credibility

Most people favour carrying the promotional materials of the brands they love. For instance, it can be impossible to find a Volkswagen fan on Peugeot merchandise. More so, donning on a brand’s merchandise proves its quality and credibility.

If customers take your branded paper cups to a picnic, they send positive messages to the world. People don’t expect a weak brand to have any credible fans or attract customer loyalty.

What’s more, branded paper cups trigger conversations and arouse interest. Case example, people unfamiliar with your brand are likely to become curious if they come across your branded paper cups. They will then ask questions or go on to find more about your brand.

Custom Coffee Cups Allowance for Creativity

Branded paper cups vary in colours, designs and quality despite their ubiquitous nature. Most of the time, every brand adopts unique designs that resonate well with its audience. Besides, the logos and mission statements can also enhance uniqueness.

A business that wants to set itself apart will come up with a creative design for its branded paper cups. That way, they can impress customers and still achieve brand identity.

Again, creativity allows brands to maximise their strengths and brand on a premise of authenticity and high quality.

Branded Paper Cups Capture Attention at the Right Time

Unlike most marketing tactics, branded paper cups reach customers when they are least distracted. Coffee drinking is always a joyous moment where peace is the top priority.

During corporate events, people take coffee or tea during breaks. This happens to be the time when everyone looks excited and clean-minded. It’s also during the coffee session that people can pour down their focus on the beautiful coffee cup.

It’s possible to target the right prospects using branded paper cups. For instance, a travel company can target prospects on transit in planes or trains. Meanwhile, brands that are popular with the youth can target colleges and so on.

Which Branded Paper Cups are Effective?

All branded paper cups can produce expected marketing results. But you need to be conscious of quality, designs and sustainability. Customers want sustainable and high-quality coffee cups that they can use with pride.

Kindly contact us for recyclable and high quality branded paper cups. Thank you for reading this article.



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