80mm/90mm Paper Sip Through Lids

80mm/90mm Paper Sip Through Lids for 12 oz/16 oz cups.

Paper Sip Through Lids

Discover a new era of sustainable sipping with our 100% Biodegradable Sip Through Lids. Elevate your takeaway hot drinks experience, especially with coffee, by replacing plastic lids with these eco-friendly alternatives. Immerse yourself in a 100% green coffee cup experience that’s as good for the planet as it is for your taste buds.

Our Biodegradable Sip Through Lids are designed with you in mind – user-friendly, robust, and heat-resistant. They serve as the ideal accessory for your on-the-go hot beverages, ensuring a spill-free journey. Available in various sizes, these lids are meticulously crafted to perfectly fit our range of cups, providing a seamless and secure fit for your favorite drinks.

Experience the next level of convenience with our ergonomically designed Sip Through Lids. The closest thing to a no-lid experience, these lids complement our coffee cups flawlessly. Whether you’re enjoying your coffee on a bustling train or in the midst of a hectic day, our smart lids offer the perfect solution.

Our Sip Through Lids enable your customers to relish their drinks with unparalleled ease. Designed to allow foam to pass through effortlessly, these lids ensure that every sip is a delightful experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional lids and welcome the freedom to savor the full fragrance and flavors of your hot beverages.

Make a conscious choice for the environment without compromising on quality. With our 100% Biodegradable Sip Through Lids, you’re not just upgrading your coffee cup; you’re contributing to a greener, more sustainable world. Join us in the journey towards eco-friendly sipping – where every sip is a step towards a brighter, cleaner future.

Scyphus Ltd – Redefining Convenience, One Sip at a Time.

the features of Sip Through Lids

    • Made from high quality paper board.
    • Strong and durable.
    • Spill proof.
    • Protects against burns.
    • Ergonomically designed for user convenience.
    • Ideal for hot takeaway drinks.
    • Pairs perfectly with our branded coffee Paper Cups.
    • Available in various sizes to fit our range of cups.
    • Sold separately from cups.
    • Minimum order 1,000.

The perfect spill proof lid for your coffee

Enhance the ultimate on-the-go experience for your customers by pairing our branded cups with our ergonomic Sip Through Lids. Meticulously crafted for both functionality and elegance, these lids are expertly folded and lapped to ensure a snug fit. With a perfect balance of firmness and lightweight design, our spill-proof Sip Through Lids allow consumers to savor their hot beverages worry-free.

Beyond spill-proof convenience, our lids prioritize safety. Crafted to facilitate balanced heat transference and steam dispersion, they act as a protective barrier, guarding against burns. Now, your customers can enjoy their drinks without a care in the world, appreciating both the practicality and safety seamlessly integrated into our innovative Sip Through Lids.

Elevate your brand and prioritize customer satisfaction with Scyphus Ltd – where functionality meets elegance, and every sip is an experience worth savoring.



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