80mm/90mm Sip Through Lids

80mm/90mm Sip Through Lids for 12 oz/16 oz cups.

Our Sip through Lids are user-friendly, strong and heat-resistant, making the ideal accessory for takeaway hot drinks like coffee. They guarantee against spills and are available in various sizes to fit our range of cups.

Designed ergonomically, our smart Sip through Lids are the closest to a no-lid experience. They are the faultless match for our coffee cups and are perfect for letting your customers enjoy their drinks even in a crammed up moving train. Consumers are guaranteed to find a pleasing flow of their hot beverages in their full fragrance and flavours as foam is also allowed through easily.

the features of Sip Through Lids

    • Made from high quality food grade PE material.
    • Strong and durable.
    • Spill proof.
    • Protects against burns.
    • Ergonomically designed for user convenience.
    • Ideal for hot takeaway drinks.
    • Pairs perfectly with our branded coffee Paper Cups.
    • Available in various sizes to fit our range of cups.
    • Sold separately from cups.
    • Minimum order 1,000.

The perfect spill proof lid for your coffee

To offer the perfect on-the-go experience to your clients, combine our ergonomic Sip through Lids with our branded cups. Functionality is cleverly blended with an elegant design as they are carefully folded and lapped to fit snugly. Our firm yet lightweight Sip through Lids are spill proof and consumers may enjoy their hot beverages without the least worry. They also safeguard against burns as they are designed to allow balanced heat transference and steam dispersion.