Transparent Dome Lids

Transparent Dome Lids for Ice Cream Cups.

Our Transparent Dome Lids pair well with our branded Ice Cream Cups. The excellent clarity allows you to display your products in an eye-catching manner, without fearing to go overboard to please and attract customers.

Our ergonomic Transparent Dome Lids know stellar success in food outlets for their reliability and aesthetic structure. Suited for our branded Ice Cream Cups, they are a creative way to serve ice cream or yogurt, and food like pasta in smaller portions. The dome creates extra space allowing you to go overboard to give the impression of a genuinely full container to make happy customers.

the features of Transparent Dome Lids

    • Made from high quality food grade PE material.
    • Strong, durable and spill proof.
    • Suitable for high-mounded food items and toppings.
    • Ergonomically designed for user convenience.
    • Ideal for takeaway desserts and small food portions.
    • Pair perfectly with our branded Ice Cream Cups.
    • Available in 5 and 8 oz sizes only.
    • Sold separately from cups.
    • Minimum order 1,000.

The perfect see through lids for your ice cream

Our Transparent Dome Lids are ingenuously used by food outlets to serve ice cream, yogurt and even pasta and seafood while displaying them in a tempting manner to attract more customers. Made from high quality food grade PE material, the tightly-fitting lids have a clear crystal effect which visually enhances the food items and seal them in all their freshness. To enhance customer satisfaction, the lids may be used when serving high-mounded food and toppings.