17th March 2020

Plant-Based Paper Cups and the Crave for Sustainability

It’s a new dawn. After years of stressing over a stubborn coffee cup, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s a coffee cup that can recycle, biodegrade and compost. Meet the plant-based paper cup!

The Obsession with Sustainable Coffee Cups

Until recently, foam and plastic coated coffee cups were the rage in serving coffee. The foam cup could not withstand the negative limelight. So, it left us with the coated paper cup to cool the coffee craze.

Today, every restaurant serves coffee with a coated paper cup. The coffee on the go culture has thrived despite a declined use of the reusable mug. Every year, one by one, the coffee cups that end in the landfills pile up to hit 16 billion.

We expected more from the PE coated paper cup. Unfortunately, with a shortage of the right recycling plants, the cup continued to taint landfills. You can’t blame the PE coated cup. It has always been recyclable but for the waste disposal systems then, here we are!

Plant-Based Paper Cups to Transit Businesses to Sustainability

printed paper cups for exhibitionsFrom the clay cup to the polyethene cup to a plant-based paper cup, what a revolution! Thanks to the unrelenting thirsty for green products, paper cup innovations never stopped.

We are now witnessing a new wave in coffee shops and businesses. Everyone wants a sustainable coffee cup to enjoy their ritual beverage guilt-free.

Walking around with an unrecyclable coffee cup is an embarrassment. Customers feel the plastic container can ruin their reputation.

Associating with green brands is the in thing. Even millennials would rather overspend on sustainable products.

What do these trends mean for businesses?

For brands, it’s no longer a choice but a necessity to shift to sustainable options. Good news! there’s a platform brand can use to show off their green credentials.

Plant-based paper cups success can attribute to their ability to reduce waste. What can you expect from a cup made of corn starch, potato waste, sugar waste and pulp? The new paper cup contains materials that can boost the nutritional value of our soils.

Boosting your Green Credentials

Plant-based paper cups break down faster than the plastic-lined cup. They are even easier to recycle and are a safe alternative for a clean environment.

You’ve probably heard the UK lacked the infrastructure to recycle the bio paper cup. That was once true. But with the entry of Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group and its partners, current infrastructure is enough.

The PCRRG has done a tremendous job to ensure the paper cups get recycled. With its partners, PCRRG provides in vogue recycling bins to collect used coffee cups for recycling.

The beauty of the scheme is that any business can sign up to have their paper cups collected. Larger companies are even luckier because they can enjoy personal paper cup collection centres.

The Essence of a Plant-Based Paper Cup

What does a sustainable paper cup mean? Sustainable coffee cups don’t destroy natural resources, plus they keep the environment clean. It doesn’t matter you recycle or compost them, their life span is limitless.

Recycle paper cups “reincarnate” as shopping bags, perfumes, luxury note pads and other fibre goods. Meanwhile, if the plant-based paper cup streams into industrial composting facilities, it can return to the soil as humus.

Coffee cups now serve as a sustainability model. Many industries can follow the footprints of the paper cups sector.

Plastic is still an environmental threat and accounts for 50% of waste. It features in many households and packaging products. It thus limits the progress made in other proactive industries.

Plant-Based Paper Cups for Branding Aesthetics

In branding, using sustainable materials churns more benefits for businesses. Plant-based paper is a product that has already won the hearts of customers. Imagine 90% of customers are likely to buy products marked as recycle, upcycle or compost.

More customers are likely to pay a premium for sustainable products. Meanwhile, a staggering 62% of buyers will stop using a product if it hurts the environment.

Plant-based paper cups are in the market at the right time and for the proper reasons. There has never been a time when green credentials mattered more than pricing. Given the cup’s eco-friendliness, it wins more support from the expanding domain of the eco-conscious customers.

Customers are on the watch out for safe and eco-friendly products. Proof of this is the quick transition seen when reusable water bottles and shopping bags hit the market.

Tote bags are now a leading fashion accessory while the reusable bottle market grew past $US 8.1 billion. Research attributes the growth to an increased need for convenience products and an inclination of customers towards healthy lifestyles.

Time to use a Plant-Based Paper Cup

The customer that wants to spend on green or organic products remains unsatisfied. That means a massive opportunity for brands that join the sustainability bandwagon.

Your business can take advantage of the satisfaction gap and stand out to all the customers. Existing customers are likely to switch to sustainable products. Meanwhile, new customers are looking for like-minded brands.

Adding eco-friendly products is a great way to appeal to both ends of the paper cups spectrum. Your business can educate reserved customers and impress the eco-conscious ones.

Eco-conscious customers display unrivalled brand loyalty. This is because they know they are in for more than quality. Your environmental commitment can win their hearts and generate brand advocacy.

Our Plant-Based Paper Cup

While we all work to keep the environment clean, Scyphus has been envisioning a sustainable paper cup. The plant-based paper cup comprises safe and environmentally friendly materials.

The coffee cup uses high-quality food-grade wood from sustainable forests. Meanwhile, its coating is Polylactic (PLA) and derived from renewable corn starch.

With these materials, we are confident about conserving the environment. PLA, unlike other materials, has the least carbon emissions and composts into the soil nutrients. Given the rise of recycling schemes, upcycling the plant-based paper cup is a cinch.

Reach us for more information about sustainable plant based paper cups !


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