Double Wall Paper Cups

Available both PE and PLA, the Double Wall Paper Cups are the iconic Takeaway Coffee Cups for the entire world

Biodegradable Paper Cups - Printed Paper CupsOur robust branded Double Wall Paper Cups are highly functional and adapted for piping hot beverages. The heavy and thick-layered paper makes it a perfect base to showcase your brand or message through high-quality printing.

Our printed Double Wall Paper Cups are a popular range of cups that provide sufficient insulation to maintain hot beverages at the perfect temperature. They are designed to guard against burning, ensuring that customers enjoy the taste of freshly-made drinks safely while taking their time, or on the move. Premium material used makes the perfect canvas to print your logo, message or any design attractively.

the salient features of Double Wall Paper Cups or Coffee Cups

  • Full Colour Print.
  • Food Safe Inks.
  • Can be custom printed up to 8 colours.
  • Paperboard used is food grade with compostable corn starch derived bio plastic(PLA)  or PE lamination.
  • Minimum 300 gsm boards used.
  • Unlimited design options.
  • provide your own design or we design for you.
  • Minimum order 500 cups

Catalogue of Double Wall Paper Cups or Coffee Cups Shipping Box Sizes

SizeTop Rim DiameterBottom Rim DiameterHeightQTY/CTNCTN Dimensions

Benefits of Double Wall Paper Cups or Coffee Cups

You never have to look for a better brand engagement channel

Our branded Double Wall Paper Cups are impressive. Highly practical, reliable and visually pleasant, they are the perfect tools to blend customer satisfaction with branding. The added layer of thick paper guarantees easy serving of piping hot beverages while prolonging the flavour. The insulated layer also serves as a protection as clients can handle their cups without burning their hands. The premium quality paper makes the cups ideal for featuring endless colourful and attention-grabbing designs.

Available as both Biodegradable PLA Paper Cups and PE Paper Recyclable Cups.

We only buy paper from paper mills that are either FSC or PEFC certified, to ensure that the paper cups you place in front of your customer, do not carry the guilt of deforestation, now with the same paper being PLA or Bio-plastic coated, you can be sure that none of your cups will end up in land fills and take thousands of years to degrade, and even then leave fragments of plastic that would end up contaminating soil and water.

Possible uses of Double Wall Paper Cups or Coffee Cups

Double Wall Cups provide an excellent space for promoting your brand. Most suitable for very hot drinks.

Double Wall Paper Cups are most suitable when serving piping hot coffee and other beverages like Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Espresso, Tea, Mocha, Soup.

100% Compostable and Biodegradable Cups don’t just work for you, they relieve you of conscience too. But rest assured that if properly disposed the PE coated cups are 100% recylable too.