Paper Cup Sleeves

If you have cola cups, white unbranded or any other colour, but you want to use them as hot coffee cups, java jackets or paper cup sleeves are what you need

Our printed reliable Paper Cup Sleeves go hand in hand with our plain Single Wall paper Cups to allow your customers handle their hot drinks safely. The sleeves may be branded attractively by our team.

Our branded Paper Cup Sleeves are an indispensable item if you are planning to serve hot drinks in our plain Single Wall Paper Cups. They provide sufficient insulation to maintain hot beverages at the perfect temperature and prevent your customers from burning their hands. The premium material used makes them the perfect canvas to print your logo, message or any design in an appealing style.

the salient features of Paper Cup Sleeves

    • Ergonomically designed.
    • Safeguards against burns.
    • Perfect for both paper and PET cups.
    • Available in various sizes to fit any of our cups.
    • Food safe inks used for printing.
    • Environment-friendly, recyclable and 100% biodegradable.
    • Unlimited designs as per your requirements.
    • In-house design services available.
    • Minimum order 1,000.
    • Sold separately from cups.

The perfect cup sleeve can transform your single wall paper cup to the great double wall coffee cup

Our branded Paper Cup Sleeves are not only reliable and impressive but highly practical for pairing with plain Single Wall Cups to serve hot drinks, they safeguard against burns. Made with thick material, the sleeves prolong the flavour of the drinks as well. They are also a great space to feature attention-grabbing designs for promoting your brand. We, nonetheless, recommend opting for our branded Double Wall Paper Cups for hot drinks to ensure customer satisfaction.

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