17th March 2020

Printing Paper Cups with Food Safety in Mind

Regardless of how tasty your coffee is, its safety is highly crucial. Research shows 50% of customers consider food safety when buying food. Thus, paper cups must meet food safety standards to protect and keep the customer.

Paper cups comprise materials that can expose coffee to chemicals. The paper board, the coating, and the printing are sensitive aspects of a coffee cup. No wonder the manufacturing of a paper cup demands extreme safety consciousness.

Quality paper cups comprise a food-grade paper board. That means the tools and the components that interact with the wood during manufacturing must be safe for human consumption.

Paper cup’s coating influences quality and safety. Materials like plastic and styrofoam expose coffee drinkers to harmful chemicals. Plastic can carry BPA, while styrofoam poses the carcinogenic styrene.

Many manufacturers are now shifting to a plant-based coating. The coating comes from cornstarch and is the safest material for insulating coffee cups. It can also compost, thus a favourite for the eco-conscious business and customer.

Printing Paper Cups Vs. Coffee Safety

Non Toxic Food Safe InkPrinting is essential for beautifying and adding logos on paper cups. But it can also affect the safety of paper cups. Sometimes the ink on a package can leak into the food material and risk the customer. Cases of recalled printed food packages because of ink leaks are many.

In 2010, Mac Donald recalled 12 million gases. The painting on their cups contained the toxic cadmium. Studies from Safer Chemicals for Healthy Families showed toxic PFA chemicals in takeout packages.

Not all paper cups contain harmful chemicals. It’s the details in the manufacturing that can influence paper cups’ safety. Without proper safety standards, paper cups can carry chemicals from manufacturing and printing.

It becomes more apparent why it’s best to buy from a manufacturer that offers printing services. By purchasing from one source, it’s easier to trace back any flaws.

Printing Styles Influence Paper Cup’s Safety

Manufacturers can either use food-safe inks or UV cured inks when printing paper cups. UV cured inks are conventional in digital print. They are easier to apply on a substrate without using printing plates.

Digital print brings out the graphics better, but its major shortcoming is the UV cured inks. UV cured inks aren’t safe. Without proper curing, the ink can migrate into the paper board and risk the food content. Exposure to UV cured ink can cause rashes, irritation and violent reactions.

In 2005, Nestle recalled over 30 million litres of babies milk after the leaching of printing ink. The milk packages used a UV curable ink. According to the report, UV cured ink contains a photoinitiator, isopropyl thioxanthene (ITX). The chemical can break down under UV rays and leach into foods.

About Food Grade Inks

As seen, digital print can be unsafe for coffee lovers. Some brands may insist on it because of the marketing potential on offer. The truth is, the safest way to print paper cups is by using food-safe inks.

Food grade inks are non-toxic and water-based. They are also free from UV contaminants. Food grade inks now dominate the packaging industry. You can print with them on any part of a package without posing any health concerns.

Food grade inks face regulations in many countries. They undergo rigorous tests to confirm their impact on human consumption. Manufacturers use toxicologists to test the safety of a paper cup’s components.

Customers Attitude Towards Safety

Coffee is a highly sensitive beverage. From planting to serving, it demands extreme health consciousness. Customers bear the most brunt if there’s any compromise at any stage.

Remember, coffee lovers, take down over 500 billion coffee cups every year. Sadly, a vast chunk of served coffee doesn’t meet safety credentials. That leaves the consumer, and the environment exposed.

Yet, customers know what makes a safe paper cup and the materials that risk the ecosystem. They are more aware of packaging risks and scrutinise every cup of coffee they take.

Unsafe products may not have a chance. No wonder trust has become a vital differentiating factor. Customers know they can switch to a trusted brand anytime.

Given the influx of options, changing brands is no sweat. The more significant risk faces businesses that don’t conform. Customers now choose brands that deliver quality and treat them well.

You can only win customers’ trust if you strive to meet all quality standards. Credentials such as safety, quality, and sustainability pull many customers. These are the metrics that separate top businesses from the rest.

But all is not lost. Branding is a continuous process. Research shows committing to change can win back many customers. It’s not too late to adapt and enjoy the many benefits that come with trust.

Customers turn to the reformed brands first when buying. They can become loyal and turn into brand advocates. Onwards, they can give their best to protect that brand’s reputation.

How Can Businesses Enjoy Quality Paper Cups?

Sustainability is a showing of responsible behaviour. And customers highly value it. Research shows 78 % of customers prefer brands that focus on their interests over profits.

Printed paper cups are a branding tool. Thus, safer paper cups may be more comfortable to push your branding message. You don’t want to publicise your brand on a platform that can later backfire on your business.

Your primary aim as a business is to please every customer and turn them into brand advocates. That’s achievable by consistently offering the customers what they want.

With quality paper cups, you can have the confidence to share your message with the customers. Every cup of coffee reminds the customer you’re committed to champion positive branding.

Buy Food Safe and Sustainable Paper Cups

While printing is essential for the looks of a paper cup, it doesn’t have to comprise its quality. Using the wrong ink can spoil a useful branding and functional tool for your business.

Printing defines paper cups’ quality. Food grade inks are crucial for your customer’s safety and your brand’s image. It may be not very easy to trace the printing process, but buying from a credible manufacture can be useful. Reach us for more information about paper cups.


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