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Revamp your business with our 16 oz milkshake paper cups

From Instagrammable unicorn-themed shakes to outlandish in-your-face loaded frappe blends, milkshakes are more than ever trendy. As the swimsuit season is approaching, so is the time for these delicious summer treats. Whether you are operating an ice cream parlour or a food and beverage outlet now is the time to stock up on milkshake supplies. As usual, Scyphus has rigorously monitored the latest market trends and is now proposing sturdy and appealing 16 oz milkshake paper cups to complement that summery feel while protecting the environment contrary to traditional plastic milkshake cups.

Innovating with eco-friendly 16 oz milkshake paper cups

Since our very creation, Scyphus has committed itself to zero tolerance towards petroleum-based plastic.  As a leader in the market, we have pledged to set the example of being a responsible company while ensuring innovation and offering a high level of customer satisfaction collectively. Having sold over 60 million branded paper cups up to now, Scyphus is conscious that the right approach is to embrace a totally sustainable concept to help safeguard the health of consumers and that of our environment simultaneously.  

Far-sighted, we have decided to produce milkshake cups from paper for a good reason. All around, numerous milkshake cups made from plastic are still being used but we know that this is not the right direction for consumers, for businesses and for our planet itself. Our loyal clients know that Scyphus goes much further than just focusing on the aesthetics and the solidity of products.

We are ourselves a brand having at heart the well-being of the health of consumers and our planet itself. We use food-safe inks for printing on all of our products and food-grade lamination to ensure health safety. In addition, the paper we use is bought exclusively from mills that source timber from PEFC and FSC Certified sustainable forests. All of our products are already fully recyclable and we are currently massively investing to transform our lines of cups and containers into 100% biodegradable ones.

On the other side, consumers themselves are becoming increasingly conscious about their well-being and the need for the protection of the environment. Studies have revealed that the majority of consumers wish to see the food and beverage outlets from where they buy put more efforts in adopting sustainable approaches and setting eco-friendly goals. At the same time, they are even ready to pay more for sustainably sourced beverages served in equally eco-friendly cups.

Our 16 oz milkshake paper cups can be ordered with food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination which is completely recyclable once at the appropriate recycling facility or as 100% biodegradable ones.  Technological innovations have kicked off the production of bioplastics made from sustainably sourced plants, trees, corn or sugar cane. As a result, our 100% biodegradable milkshake paper cups are fully compostable and can be recycled alongside food waste. Broken back down by the action of biological organisms, they are then completely absorbed by the earth. Most bioplastics (except for those made from potato starch) contain no allergens and are safe for atopic consumers.

Milkshake paper cups that allow you go overboard

The bigger-is-better mentality regarding desserts is here to stay. Milkshakes are being garnished with loads of doughnuts, brownies, sugar sticks; obviously, today any lip-smacking dessert goes as toppings for gigantic shakes.  These full-flavoured desserts cum drinks are definitely drool-worthy treats that young and less young love to gorge on. Nonetheless, these gargantuan shakes are generally tough to consume if the cup they are being served in is not rightly adapted.

Following our research, at Scyphus we came to the conclusion that a 16 oz paper cup would be the ideal size for serving these palatable loaded milkshakes, giving hungry drinkers the appropriate quantity to feel full while allowing sellers fill the paper cups to the brim and even more thanks to the tight dome lid preventing spills. The dome also makes the toppings visually more attractive while helping to maintain the right temperature.

Sturdy and aesthetically impressive, our 16 oz milkshake paper cups are designed with thick layers that create a cushion of air. The cup hence does not become soggy and helps to maintain the cold temperature of the shake till the last drop and prolonging the flavours for long. Apart from shakes, other desserts of caprice such as gelatos, smoothies or even health shakes may be served in it. Sellers do not have to fear to go stack mountains of toppings to enhance customer appeal and satisfaction.

Milkshake paper cups branded to your identity

Made from high-quality paper, our 16 oz milkshake paper cups are the perfect canvas for displaying your brand. Our in-house team of professional designers can create any compelling image or can help you feature your logo or message in the most impactful way to smarten your brand image. You may think of any printed colourful design and we will make them a reality and the perfect moving marketing tool in the hands of your clients. Beautifully branded, our milkshake paper cups can be used both for customers choosing the sit-down service or on-the-go and make your brand stand out from the rest.  Our branded paper cups are guaranteed to make your shakes mouth-watering even from the outside.

It is no secret that milkshakes have been making children and adults alike happy since years. Playing with this feel-good factor is a key advantage that businesses need to consider as customers are in a much more receptive state when they are consuming a much-loved drink, especially one dating back to childhood days. By consuming the extraordinarily scrumptious and overloaded shakes, consumers tend to associate the physical gustatory sensation of satisfaction with the brand. It is hence tactful to serve the drinks in a visually attractive cup branded specifically to your identity.  The positive feelings experienced by the clients will be extended to your brand itself as, on a subconscious level, they will be inclined to pair the feel-good sensation to your logo, distinctive design or message.

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