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Pubs are encouraged to tap into the post-meal segment with coffee cocktails

Tapping into the post-meal occasion with coffee cocktails is yet another great way for pubs and restaurants to thrive. Coffee cocktails are now popular to combat post-dinner slumps and after-dinner is a sales opportunity that often can make a difference to the profits of pubs and restaurants at the end of every night.

A report released by Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures reveals that investing in this segment can prove to be highly fruitful for restaurants and pubs and help them boost their bottom line. The key to grabbing the interest and keeping the loyalty of drinkers looking for coffee and drink brands will be to be fully trustworthy and offer products that are aligned with their own high moral standards and personal value systems.

Today’s coffee and alcohol drinkers have globalised palates

The fact that consumers are increasingly travelling has helped them developed palates that can now appreciate new flavours. Tastes that were once alien are now being sought after thoroughly, and for the current generation of coffee and alcohol drinkers, experimenting new flavours rhymes with a sense of adventure. For instance, today, mixing bitterness and sweetness is a popular combination, compared to previous tastes. The current trend is poised to lead to more sophisticated flavours as consumers are becoming more open to try new things.

On a parallel note, consumers are developing the connoisseur’s appreciation of the provenance and the terroir regarding ingredients not only in foods but in beverages too. It is forecasted that the cocktail culture of tomorrow will be dominated by demands based on new and exciting drinking experiences and occasions, backed by digital technology and social media they are associated with.  Discerning drinkers have enjoyed coffee in cocktails ever since the Espresso Martini emergence in the 1980s. However, it is only recently that the astronomical growth of the trend is unfolding itself.

Coffee cocktails are witnessing a renaissance

The culture of coffee cocktails is driven by Millennials who value discernment and a sense of connoisseurship. At the same time, they are constantly searching for new flavours and experiences. According to the Mixed Drinks report, over 78% of bars in the United Kingdom (UK) now sell cocktails and this trend is mostly concentrated in London. By 2020, it is expected that the culture of coffee cocktails will give rise to four distinct drinkers, fond of digital technologies and a desire for fresh experiences, rituals and taste combinations.

In the wake of these changes, the drink and hospitality sector will be completely redefined over the next decade, according to experts in the industry. Coffee and cocktail culture is expected to explode over the, bringing with it a new wave of multisensory experiences, as well as innovative recipes and techniques. Major technological breakthroughs will undeniably back these trends. Simultaneously, the emergence of coffee cocktails will unite baristas, chefs, bartenders and technologists who will experiment with fresh serves to cater for a new bred of gastronomically attuned consumers.

Catering for the various tribes of coffee and alcohol drinkers

The wave of Instagram-mad drinkers is the first generation that is generating great impact on the coffee cocktail trend. They are constantly looking for visually appealing drinks that work in an era of advanced social media sharing. This generation is always thinking about their next post on Instagram and as a result, they will be looking for an eye-catching treat that is not only appealing visually but also most likely to create buzz and excitement on social media.

The next tribe to impact the coffee cocktail culture is the one looking to find the perfect balance of work and play. These drinkers generally seek the health benefits of products they consume while being able to combine fun with the ability to stop at the top of their game. This generation appreciates the energising boost from coffee as a cocktail ingredient, seeking to maximise the benefits from every treat.

Another tribe of drinkers that have a large role in shaping the future of coffee cocktails is the one that is ready to push boundaries of taste and is relentlessly looking for new flavours and combinations. They are driven by a strong desire for experimentation and can appreciate even awkward contrasting flavour profiles like mint and coffee. Another group of drinkers is the one searching for true quality and giving high importance to the origin of ingredients used in their coffee cocktails. These drinkers are the knowledgeable ones, ready to learn, if not already knowing, the provenance and taste profile of each ingredient in their coffee cocktails.

Tips to maximise the after-dinner opportunity with coffee cocktails

Research has demonstrated that an increasing number of consumers opt to have a cocktail after a meal if they are given the opportunity. In general, cocktail lovers tend to be led by what is recommended or by what is listed on a food menu. Pubs and restaurants are, hence, encouraged to take the lead and offer a coffee cocktail as the perfect ending to an evening.

Owners of pubs and restaurants can tap into this segment by proposing coffee cocktails as the perfect addition to desserts as well. The opportunities are numerous: seasonal twists can be added to classic coffee cocktails to revamp the drinks menu. This can be achieved by using seasonal ingredients, for instance, adding a hint of cinnamon for Christmas or a pumpkin decoration for Halloween.

Upselling coffee cocktails with printed paper cups

Restaurants and pubs need to ensure that the staffs are confident when upselling the coffee cocktails. They should not only learn about the profitability of this approach but should also master the best timing to propose a coffee cocktail after a meal.


Pubs and restaurants can go an extra mile by proposing takeaway coffee cocktails. Such an approach can grab yet another segment of the clientele, not obliging customers to sit in for their coffee. Businesses can opt for beautifully printed coffee cups bound to stay in the hands of customers for an average if 37 minutes. These printed paper cups will equally serve as mini mobile billboards in the eyes of the public.