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Cold Drink Cups

Our high-quality Cold Drink Cups are designed to blend consumer satisfaction, reliability and functionality. Branded cups are available as from 1,000 units.

Single Wall Paper Cups

Our Single Wall Paper Cups are a convenient and cost-effective means to serve certain cold drinks, like soda or water, without ice. Whether you are hosting an outdoor party, an event or you simply need them at your catering outlet or reception room, they can serve the purpose wonderfully. We nonetheless recommend using our Double Wall Paper Cups in case your customers or invitees would wish colder beverages with ice.

Biodegradable Paper Cups

To raise awareness and promote sustainability, we recommend our customers to join the green movement and opt for our Biodegradable Paper Cups. As more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, our cups make the perfect instrument to give your brand a professional and eco-friendly edge. Our Biodegradable Paper Cups are just right for moderately hot and cold drinks and can blend into your office or coffee shop seamlessly but effectively.

Double Wall Paper Cups

With a cushion of air between the two layers of the wall, our Double Wall Paper Cups are perfect for serving cold beverages besides hot drinks. Whether you have a fast food channel, a café, a bar or a restaurant, our sturdy Double Wall Paper Cups help you deliver quality service to your customers. Rest assured that our Double Wall paper Cups, made of premium material, will not become soggy.

Coupon Cups

Our know-how and state of the art equipment allow us to manufacture exquisite Coupon Cups- the latest craze in the B2C market. Designed elegantly with a peel-off section, they offer you the unique opportunity to attract and please customers on a higher note through tempting discount coupons, prizes or tickets on the cups. Our Coupon Cups are more than simple cups; they are seen as powerful yet discreet marketing tools.

Crayon Colouring Cups

Our Crayon Colouring Cups are a delight for kids. Designed with line drawings, they are perfect for colouring and keeping them engaged at events, at school or even during long drives. Our Crayon Colouring Cups may equally urge kids to consume certain beverages or food easily while keeping them entertained. They also make a great marketing tool as generally, kids and parents will tend to take them home as souvenirs.