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Popcorn Machines

Popcorn Machines

Add fun to your event with our foolproof eye-catching Popcorn Machines. They are simple to operate and produce high output with each batch. We provide you with popcorn kernels, oil and printed Popcorn Boxes too.

The superior design and construction of our electric Popcorn Machines make them the star in any event. Delight your guests with the high-output of freshly popped delicious corn. The machines are easy to operate, placed on any flat surface. The panoply of security features coupled with the premium quality of materials of the machine itself, ensure that you enjoy your event without the least worry.


  • Machine size: 56×41.7x77cm.
  • Eight (8) ounce stainless steel rotational and detachable stainless-steel kettle.
  • Built-in electric stirring system, kernel filter, and removable crumb tray.
  • Thick safety tempered glass walls for added safety.
  • 3 control switches (turn, heat, warming & light).
  • Warming deck (an additional heating element is built-in to the base of the unit to keep popcorn fresh).
  • High popcorn output per batch.
  • Corn-Sugar-Oil Dosage (g-g-ml): 50-50-50
  • Easy to use- just pour kernels and enjoy popped corn within minutes.
  • Accompanied with popcorn kernels, popping oil and Branded Popcorn Boxes.


The sweet smell of fresh popcorn wafting in the air is enough to delight guests at any event. With our top-notch large electric Popcorn Machines, you have the opportunity to add fun as well as a personalized touch to your event. You just have to put the ingredients in the kettle that will take care of the rest. To serve the freshly-made popcorn, try our Popcorn Boxes that can be personalised with virtually limitless designs.

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