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Bunting Flags

Bunting Flags

Any celebration is incomplete without a perfect decoration. Our impressive branded Bunting Flags are excellent to cheer up any event, and to bring life to any food outlet with colourful notes and eye-catching personalised messages.

Our printed Personalised Bunting Flags and the Personalised Waving Flags may be designed creatively by our team- put no limit to your imagination. They will motivate participants and cheer spectators in sports events, and animate parties and events with personalised messages and adapted colours. Else, choose from our popular wide range of Stock Bunting Flags to jazz up your celebration or vivify your food outlet.


  • Personalised Bunting Flags available in PVC for outdoor use (waterproof, reusable and vibrant).
  • Personalised Bunting Flags available in nylon (flexible, lightweight), and in polythene (budget priced).
  • Top grade plastic for poles.
  • Personalised Bunting Flags and Hand Waving Flags available in customizable colours, images and fonts.
  • Personalised Bunting Flags available in any size.
  • Stock Bunting Flags available in 200×300 mm, in triangular and rectangular shapes.
  • Stock Bunting Flags contain 24 flags over the length of 10m (good for indoor and outdoor).
  • Stock Bunting Flags include Union Jack, red, white and blue combinations, multicoloured combinations.
  • Strong stitching and perfect finishing.


Our durable printed Bunting Flags are designed to fit a range of events such as festivals, sports events, shows, grand openings, product launches, corporate and social events as well as parties, just to name a few. Our in-house team may design them with any wording, images, logos and colours to match your event and add visual pep, indoor or outdoor. Else, you may choose the ideal ones from our wide variety of Stock Bunting Flags.

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