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Bling bling coffee to make your coffee business sparkle

Glitter has just shown it belongs anywhere. From trendy makeup to fashionable runways, it has unexpectedly leaked into the coffee industry, drowning the regular traditional cup of coffee into oblivion. Today, glitter coffee has positioned itself as one of the craziest trends, revolutionizing lattes and cappuccinos to the great excitement of Instagrammers and coffee lovers.

A blinged-up concoction to keep customers smiling

After the pumpkin spice latte, the avocado latte, and the nitrogen coffee, unconventional coffee has gained much traction. Cappuccino has a totally new face, mixed with edible glitter. Created by Coffee By Di Bella, an Australian coffee chain, the trend has spread like wildfire across many countries. Even if it is prepared more or less in the same manner as usual cappuccino, edible glitter is lastly drizzled over the milk foam. The most appreciated style is the rainbow glitter, giving an extraordinary look and shine to the hot beverage. Other coffee shops have based themselves on this trend to propose quirky golden glitter-topped cappuccinos or even glittery turmeric lattes.

The waves created by the numerous fads in the coffee industry clearly demonstrate that it is a market constantly in need of experiments, newness and surprises. This is, for instance, the fact that encouraged the Coffee By Di Bella shop based in India to push the limitations further. The brand grasps that innovation is a key element for demarcation as well as the importance of social media in devising a modern food brand. Products have to be insta-friendly.

Even if coffee fuels the world, the simple act of selling the beverage no longer suffices to attract customers.  In this era where visual features play an exaggeratingly vital role, outstanding imagery lauding visually stunning coffee and branded coffee cups are key drivers of this business. Instagram has become a decisive tool for bolstering Return on Investment (ROI) for coffee shops and food outlets. Food items and beverages no longer have to be just tasty; they have to be even more sublime visually. Businesses cannot overlook Instagram which currently prides itself in its 85.4 million posts just bearing the coffee hashtag. Posting high-quality pictures with specific hashtags on Instagram to obtain a better organic reach is adopted by behemoths and small coffee shops alike, all competing ferociously in this wild marketplace.  

Making your clients the ambassadors of your brand

Studies have proven that consumers do not trust advertising content. They hate blatant sales and promotional items and to cement strong relationships with them, it is crucial to keep them updated in a subtle manner. Consumers are more inclined to accept user-generated content as reliable and trustworthy. It is hence an ingenious strategy to use stories or pictures posted by clients to attract and engage more customers; cynically, aesthetics definitely have obtained an upper hand on flavour. For instance, photo contests based on brand-related topics are a great way to reach this end.  While using pictures, it is wise to promote not only the product but an atmosphere heavy with emotions so that they look like art compositions, subliming not only the product but the lifestyle of the coffee lover. This type of pictures is bound to arouse stronger reactions of Instagram users.

It may also be an advantage to partner with a social media influencer. The latter needs not be a celebrity. He or she can be a simple coffee lover often visiting your coffee shop and highly active on social media platforms. Consumers will definitely feel easier to connect with such an influencer rather than associating themselves with celebrities.

Adopting high-quality branded coffee cups for instant recognition

Even if a coffee shop is offering the most delicious coffee, without a striking brand, it will remain stagnant. To create brand awareness, spread its identity to the public eye, and enlarge customer base, a coffee shop undeniably has to invest in proper branding. For a coffee shop, it is generally the branded coffee cup that is the most powerful tool, acting as a visual cornerstone of the business. The unique design or logo is enough for the millions of coffee consumers on social media platforms to recognise the product. Just as a coffee shop has to keep innovating its menu, it equally has to lay as much focus on the cup it is serving the beverage while considering the dynamics of the coffee industry.

In the United Kingdom, the number of on-the-go consumers is on a constant rise. The lack of time designated for lunch or coffee breaks, coupled with the strong need for convenience have blurred boundaries between meals and snacks, working time and eating time. These consumers are highly demanding, claiming for top-notch takeaway service. The perfect branded cup has the power to conjure up emotions and make the consumers feel that they are not missing anything by not consuming their cup of coffee on spot at the outlet. At the same time, a moving branded cup of coffee definitely has the power to pique the curiosity of consumers at large, be it on the street, in the bus, or at the office.

The branded paper cups proposed by Scyphus are a winning strategy

Unlike traditional advertising, paper cup branding does not entail massive costs. Seen as an appealing and affordable marketing alternative, hundreds of clients have sought our services and we have produced over 60 million printed coffee cups up to date for functions, social gatherings, parties and other events. Our printed paper cups are all recyclable and this year, we are expanding our biodegradable line of products so that all of our cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable.  

Our robust branded Double Wall Paper Cups perfectly suit coffee shops. Designed with thick-layered quality paper, they are highly functional and reliable for piping hot beverages. At the same time, cold brews can nicely be served in them as well as they ensure that the cups do not turn soggy. The premium material used makes our cups the perfect canvas to print your logo, message or any design attractively.