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Scyphus will offer only 100% biodegradable paper cups and containers by end 2018

11 Jan 2018

As a responsible leader in the food and beverage packaging industry in the UK, Scyphus launched an impressive range of 100% biodegradable paper cups in 2016, pioneering in the green movement. Relentlessly continuing to improve its products, it will manufacture solely 100% biodegradable paper cups an...

Britain is becoming addicted to the café culture

20 Nov 2017

Renowned as a nation of tea lovers, Britons are moving towards the café culture. While approximately two billions cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day, in the United Kingdom, about 55 million cups of coffee are now being consumed per day, as the British Coffee Association reveals. This s...

Optimizing Instagram branded coffee posts to attract more clients

Coffee fuels the world. However, the simple act of selling coffee does not help coffee shops attract customers anymore. Beautiful imagery lauding branded hot drink cups and smart captions are key drivers in today’s marketing landscape where social media, such as Instagram, has become a decisive pl...

Reasons You Need To Be Using Micro Branding In Your Marketing Strategy

19 Oct 2017

If you think of the ways business has changed in the last 50 years, there has been an exponential explosion of businesses and brands, in a shifting array of industries. We’ve gone from having a handful of megalithic mega-brands - many of whom still dominate the Fortune 500. There is an infinitely-...