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About Us

100% UK Manufactured Paper Cups

At Scyphus, we are passionate about supporting a Made in Britain Brand. We strongly believe in high quality and manufacture our branded paper cups and containers from scratch, using the finest raw materials from the UK. We guarantee you European Quality and unbeatable prices for all our range of products.

How it all started…

Years of experience in catering coupled with a sharp business acumen urged Leslie Carr and Steve Morris to launch their own business together targeting the booming food service industry. Determined to respond to the soaring number of consumers opting for takeaway food and beverages in the UK by providing premium disposable recyclable paper cups and food containers, they launched Scyphus on the 5th of August 2009. With the support of investors, the partners were ready to give a boost to a 100% Made in Britain brand betting on high-quality and affordability. Today, Scyphus is in full expansion and substantial investment is being made in high-end equipment and diversification of products.

Quality for our customers is our top priority

We strictly abide by European regulatory and quality requirements to create standards of excellence for our entire portfolio. We similarly promote a zero-defect and no waste-attitude. Our dynamic design and production teams furthermore evaluate all possible means to achieve the desired goal of our clients. You will be surprised by the potential of our products. By taking our customer experience at heart, we have been able to build trustful relationships with our clients by offering products as well as a customer service that match their expectations and preferences.

Scyphus is also reputed for inexpensive but high-quality products and recyclable products too. We have been able to cut cost by making our products from scratch and avoiding importation. Our high-quality products are indeed 100% made in the United Kingdom. Having never strayed from our quality standards, and having been able to cut down unnecessary costs that would otherwise impact on the final product price, our services are now sought after across entire Europe.


Our professional Design team is very responsive to customer demands, crafting the most impactful artwork to contribute to successful branding.

Our experienced Manufacturing team gives minute attention to the quality of the environment-friendly products being created to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our state-of-the-art technology coupled with the expertise of our team guarantees flawless printing and unrivalled aesthetical finishes to each product.

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