Printed Paper Cups for Single-Use Plastics and Reusable China Mugs: How Could Your Brand Exploit this Latest Trend?

Biodegradable Double Wall Paper CupsPrinted paper cups and reusable mugs were popular in restaurants pre-COVID-19. Most businesses preferred a sustainable coffee cup.

A PLA coated paper cup is recyclable and can degrade faster than single-use plastics. Reusable china mugs meant customers would reduce the waste discarded into landfills.

These two were tremendous steps towards containing the waste from the hospitality industry. Imagine if the world ditched the 600 billion single-use plastics cups used every year.

COVID-19 Pandemic Sweeping Away the Gains Made in Controlling Coffee Cup Waste

Coffee, tea, or ice creams are necessities. Most people won’t make it through the day sane without a cup of coffee. Pre- pandemic, coffee shops were our small havens, and the takeaway coffee cup became an idol. You wouldn’t go meters without seeing a beaming face clasping a reusable mug or a printed paper cup.

COVID-19 changed many things. Fears of contacting the coronavirus resulted in businesses abandoning reusable china mugs. Many restaurants also focused more on takeaway food, pushing demand for food containers. This may also have prompted an increased usage of single-use plastic food packaging.

Eco-Friendly Printed Paper Cups Safer During the Pandemic

Printed paper cups remain the most popular replacement for reusable coffee mugs. They are a safer and more hygienic option. According to studies, reusable mugs can harbour bacteria even after a thorough cleaning. Meanwhile, eco-friendly paper cups can recycle, decay, or degrade under proper waste management.

Most of the safety measures, like better hygiene standards, are likely to continue Post-COVID-19. They are for our health and environmental sustainability. The takeaway culture may also gain more momentum even if the vaccine frees us from the virus.

For most brands, these trends can only create more marketing and growth opportunities. The takeaway coffee cup is an extra revenue stream and a viable platform to promote the brand. The takeaway printed paper cups can enter more homes to unveil your brand to many people.

How Can You Exploit the Printed Paper Cups’ Increased Marketing Potential?

Takeaway containers go from the cafe to homes hence raise the visibility of your brand. Amid lockdowns, the logo printed paper cup can be your free advertising platform.

Apart from households, it goes to parks and beaches while customers carry it on the streets. With a surge in demand for takeaway food, there’s ample room to boost your brand’s visibility.

Here are ways you can ensure this increased visibility adds to your brand’s value.

Use Branded Paper Cups

The printed paper cup usually comes in a host of designs that you can maximize to attract more customers. You have the freedom to pick a design that inspires you. But it makes more business sense to put your brand on your printed paper cups.

A standard printed paper cups’ usefulness stops once your customer consumes their coffee. It may entice and captivate your customer, but it leaves money on the table. Customizing your coffee cup could make a remarkable difference in your bottom-line.

Go for custom or branded paper cups if you want to maximize your coffee cups budget. Branded paper cups can boost brand recognition and awareness with little effort. The takeaway customer will recall a logo printed paper cup faster than a standard one.

Increase Focus on Social Media

Working from home and staying indoors has resulted in massive social media activity. Research shows that 43% of consumers stayed longer on social media due to the outbreak. Most people said they wanted to stay up to date with COVID-19 news and keep up with their friends’ activities.

Brands providing complimentary coffee and tea may maximize increased social media activity. Branded paper cups not only comfort customers on arrival to offices. They also serve as an excellent display advertising tool.

The high street prospects, and your online follower, can see your brand. Social distancing rules may hurt your business but they allow customers to interact more on social media. Many customers love sharing about their experiences. So, your logo printed paper cup may reach a vast audience.

Share Messages of Hope

Loss of lives, dying businesses, loss of employment, and lockdowns can only lead to one thing. Despair. Someone somewhere has to be a source of hope amid the dark times. Let your printed paper cups inspire or put a smile on your customer’s face.

Serving takeaway food or coffee? What if you would enclose personalized messages to touch or encourage your customer? Thank-you notes to your customer could build trust and boost your brand’s reputation. Your printed paper cups could also carry messages of hope instead of the usual graphics.

Advertise New Offers

Creating awareness of new products usually consumes a large part of marketing budgets. You may need to combine various tactics such as TV ads, billboards, and digital ads to see results. But what strategies do you use when your company is on a tight budget?

The increased demand for takeaway food provides an affordable and unique way to talk to customers. Most customers are indoors. The best way to capture their attention is through what they love. That’s coffee and food. Coffee cup ads about your latest offers or products could reach hundreds of people within a day.

Give Out Printed Paper Cups as Giveaways

We are facing tough times, and your customer could be in their worst moments. This is the time to connect and get into your customers’ shoes. Of course, you’re also possibly struggling. But some small actions can go a long way into strengthening customer relationships.

If you’re using printed paper cups in branding, you can consider giving some as giveaways. Give customers a reason to return to your business. Having your logo on coffee cups could leave customers praising your brand for many years.

Get Custom Printed Paper Cups to Elevate Your Brand

Logo printed paper cups have always been one of the most effective promotional tools. Still, during COVID-19, the usefulness of a coffee cup has increased tremendously. Coffee cups aren’t only for promoting hygiene. But they are also the only tool capable of conveying your brand message during the pandemic.