How to Make Instagram-Worthy Printed Paper Cups for Your Business

Printed Paper CupsInstagram can be a traffic goldmine for your business. 73% of UK online shoppers between ages 16 to 34 have used Instagram for shopping. This explains why many successful businesses align their marketing campaigns with Instagram Marketing. And with printed paper cups being visuals, they would be perfect for IG marketing.

Visuals produce better marketing results compared to most types of content. Most visual interactive content forms generate 70% conversion rates. Eye-catching printed paper cups can make it faster in online marketing.

Imagine an influencer sharing their images drinking from your printed paper cups. In such a case, attractive coffee cups may bring more engagement faster. So, how do you ensure your coffee cups are fit for your digital marketing efforts? Here are tips to make printed paper cups that can wow your Instagram followers.

Have a Unique Colour Palette

One of the first things to do when designing printed paper cups is to figure out your colour palette. Finding a distinct colour mix could help step up your creativity and fire up your designs. You wouldn’t want to go for a single colour or pick every design that pops up in your mind.

It would be so vital to understand what various colour choices mean. And also think about the colour schemes that may be more effective in exciting your audience. The right one could inspire your audience and make them feel more connected to your brand.

You may start with your brand colour palette. Chances are your audience already associates your business with your brand design elements. Printed paper cups that remind users about your services are more impactful. Otherwise, you could pick high contrasts or eye-catching colour mixes. These are more effective in grabbing the attention of Instagram users.

Use Playful or Quirky Messages and Slogans

Social media platforms are primarily engagement tools. Most people are looking for entertainment to pass the time. A flood of promotional content usually irritates most users.

You would so bet on something funny or a humorous message capturing their attention. Sure, funny quotes and memes are a massive currency on the internet.

Memes and funny messages on printed paper cups trigger excitement and attract people. They may also highlight your personality and make customers feel at ease with your brand. Some memes may attract massive sharing and even make your brand go viral.

Memes and humorous content are also a huge trend in the coffee cup industry. Brands are using messages such as, “Try coffee because crack is bad for you”. Other messages include; “wears coffee, loves black, avoids people”. Or “Be different” and “I love you a whole latte”.

Go for Clean and Simple Designs

No design can come close to a creative, clean and simple logo on your printed paper cup. Simplistic designs are more impactful because of their ability to elevate the brand. People looking at your coffee cups will identify your brand at a glance. The design generates attention and stands out amid a sea of competing businesses.

Simple designs don’t mean killing your creative flair with monochrome concepts. But a simple logo focuses on one or two elements or clean typography. This not only makes your printed coffee cups catchy but also memorable. Even children will be able to recognize your brand with little effort.

Some top brands, such as Google, McDonald’s, and Dior, use simplistic logo designs, and it works. The designs may seem plain, but they are super professional and clutter-free. Influencers and users won’t struggle to decode your brand to their followers.

Focus on Bold and Unique Design Elements

Yes, Instagram is a rich hunting ground for marketers, but competition is tough. The average user comes across tons of adverts every day, which can be annoying. Most users will only pay attention to what seems distinct.

Too complicated or extravagant designs for your printed paper cups may put off your fans. Remember, you have less than five seconds to strike a chord with your followers. A bold logo design grabs attention, and it’s easier to comprehend.

Something distinct will arouse interest in your brand. People want to feel special. And interacting with a unique brand affords them that feeling. In other words, using bold and unique elements produces attractive printed paper cups.

Go with Simple and Easy to Read Texts

The limited space on your printed paper cups can be a blessing a disguise. It forces you to think out of the box and produce a short but also compelling message. A lot of words or more extensive texts may annoy your fans.

Printed paper cups are cylindrical. Hence, they’re not suitable for long paragraphs or large texts. People won’t strain their eyes to read a long story about your brand legend. The secret to Instagram success is using short, sweet and catchy messages.

As mentioned earlier, you can use a meme and a catchy image along with your café or business name. Your statement, and logo fused with your colour scheme can also produce something remarkable.

High-Quality Graphics or Photography

Photography is critical for success in social media marketing. The images on your printed paper cups as well as posted images must catch your customers’ eyes. In short, it’s wise to invest in a good camera or hire a professional photographer.

Images are the face of your printed paper cups. They help to influence perceptions and enable you to absorb people into your brand. You would want people to see professionalism when they come across your profile.

Factors such as depth, the moment, composition and scaling can make or break results. For instance, images that emphasize your brand elements can be more compelling.

Creating stunning photos usually takes a lot of skill and patience. This is because of the many technical aspects involved. Sometimes, your phone may not suffice to capture the perfect images.

A professional designer may have more knowledge of perfectly snapping your coffee cups. High-quality images attract impressions faster. You can speed up the growth of your Instagram pages without lots of promotions.

Printed Paper Cups Need to be Instagram Friendly

Getting the functional, convenience and green factors right makes great printed paper cups. But there’s more if you’re thinking about growing your online presence. Your printed paper cups also need to be Instagram-worthy to boost online engagement.



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