Adapting Restaurants during COVID-19 Times: Takeaway Paper Coffee Cups and Food Containers

Adapting Restaurants During COVIDSurvival! That’s the mode 2020 shoved the entire hospitality industry into. We have some outlets that shut up shop, and for the rest holding on, the way through the pandemic is to adapt. One of those ways is to focus more on takeaway foods and beverages. And the handiest tools to see you through are your takeaway coffee cups and food containers.


Restaurants and eateries could be open, but the sales can be scary low. Social distancing measures mean you’re no longer able to fill your place. The unpredictable lockdowns, especially after introducing the tier system, also makes everything foggy.




Restaurants Focusing on Takeaway Food Doing Well!

Takeaway FoodSurvival remains the best strategy to date for entire businesses. Cases in point, Pre-COVID-19 the Kitchen Table in London used to be fully booked three months in advance. They then employed 20 people. Come the pandemic; they had to rethink operations. The restaurant downsized to four staffs and focused entirely on home deliveries.

What of Pizza Pilgrims? Focussing more on takeaway gave this business a rare lifeline amid lockdowns. James, a co-founder of the firm, says. “The pandemic locked everyone indoors and everyone missed Pizza. We launched the “Pizza in the post kit” and it’s just been madness since then.” The initiative attracted sales of over 1000 pizza kits per day. All delivered via courier.


Home Deliveries Increase Need for Takeaway Coffee Cups and Food Containers

printed paper cups for exhibitionsSocial distancing is but a small bit of challenges facing the hospitality industry. What of the restaurant barred from selling alcoholic beverages? Alcohol makes for a massive chunk of restaurants’ sales, and without it, pubs are as good as dead.

Customers are also fearful more than ever. Their favourite coffee shop seems too risky despite the safety measures. Takeaway food so remains the best option to survive this crisis.

Somehow even governments are appreciating having even alcohol delivered to the doorstep. In the UK, lockdown measures allow the sale of alcohol off the premises. Here, takeaway boxes and food containers are the keys for safe deliveries and a sustainable takeaway life.


Takeaway Coffee Cups and Food Containers to Protect Everyone

High hygiene standards happen to be the only “good” coming from the pandemic. We now wash hands countless times and expect dining places to be sparkling clean. Paper coffee cups are also the in thing in coffee shops as most coffee chains dropped reusable mugs.

And with deliveries being the in thing, the takeaway food containers are essential. Takeaway coffee cups and containers not only help businesses to deliver their food. They are now a symbol of a safe takeaway culture.

Avoiding reusable containers means using more printed paper cups and takeaway paper containers. As you know, you’re now responsible for ensuring safety and hygiene for the customers. Encouraging them to use takeaway coffee cups reduces the risk of the virus.


Businesses Need Reliable Packaging to Serve Takeaway Customers

Health experts say restaurants can safely use reusable containers without health fears. But are the containers reliable for consistent sales during the pandemic? No. As seen, with social distancing eating up space, most cafes would want to focus on takeaway.

Food delivery group, Just Eat, recorded a 44% increase in revenues in 2020. The company attributed the growth to higher demand for orders by home diners. 32% more restaurants and customers joined the app in 2020 compared to 2019.

Most restaurant business has shifted to online ordering and deliveries. There’s fewer dining in customers but more online orders. That means, companies need to have reliable packaging to prevent customer disservice. And that’s where takeaway coffee cups and food containers come in.


How reliable are Takeaway Paper Coffee Cups and Containers?

Right after lockdowns, most coffee chains began avoiding reusable mugs from customers. And with shipping services halted, the food packaging was in a shortage crisis. As a result, most businesses resorted to single-use plastics.

But as we all know, single-use plastic is as big an issue as the pandemic. Environmental pollution has the potential to bring far worse repercussions than COVID-19. Besides, increasing litter on streets, oceans and beaches may put off customers. These places make some of our travel and hospitality destinations, so we must have them clean.

One way of fighting single-use plastic is to use paper made food containers and paper cups. This can guarantee a reliable and consistent packaging solution for restaurants.

Companies such as Scyphus create compostable paper cups and food containers. This helps reduce pressure on recyclers and cut the fast increasing waste. You can take used Scyphus compostable paper cups to a local composting facility.


Are Takeaway Paper Coffee Cups or Containers Cost-effective?

During lean times, it can be a challenge overhauling business operation. The 2020 rough economic climate has left businesses hoping for a better 2021.

If you’re using single-use plastics, drifting to a sustainable alternative may seem impractical. Do you spend on takeaway paper coffee cups or cut costs? If you’re thinking costs, know what paper coffee cups can mean to your bottom line.

Amid the pandemic, the consumer has become more aware of the need for a cleaner planet. Studies show that 66% of Britons believe climatic change is more a threat than COVID-19. The public wants a radical response to environmental issues. Single-use plastics aren’t an exception.

Sustainable paper cups can protect your brand from a negative image. As 2021 beckons, fingers crossed, the launched vaccinations lead to us to normalcy. Most consumers will also undoubtedly continue to opt for eco-conscious brands.


Sustainable Takeaway Paper Cups within Your Budget despite the Pandemic

The good news; sustainable paper cups and food containers aren’t as expensive as you may think. Innovations and the rise of bio-plastics have forced prices of paper products to drop. Single-use plastics attract the wrath of eco-conscious customers. You would want to use packaging that protects your brand and enables you to survive the pandemic.



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