Disposable Menus: Replacing Reusable Menus, Helping Your Restaurant to Protect Customers and More Advantages

Disposable Menu CardYou may wonder why restaurants are ditching laminated menus for disposable menus. Well, reusable menus have always been the most germ-infested item in restaurants.

Studies show menus carry traces of E. coli and S. Aureus because of the constant touching. Several people may transfer a single menu between them, for instance. Also, plastic menus have a knack for hosting germs, unlike paper menus.

Wiping plastic menus may not even help to tackle the germs. The time between wiping and the water evaporating is enough for the bacteria to flourish. In short, using the menus can cycle germs between waitresses and many customers.

Unfortunately, it took COVID 19 for most of us to realize the amount of risk reusable menus exposed us to. Around the globe, governments have also made it mandatory shifting to single-use menus.

Disposable menus or single menus reduce contacting and are more appropriate for today. Using them can help you protect your staff and customers. But do they provide other advantages other than enhancing safety? Let’s find out.

How Disposable Menus Can Help Your Restaurant

Introduced Flexibility

Disposable menus can also help to improve customer experience through their flexibility. Just like most restaurants, you may introduce specials or redraft menus. Sometimes, it could be an inventory turnover or menu redesigning.

No matter the reason for changing the menu, if you’re using disposable menus, you will always be up to date. Printing the menus regularly allows you more flexibility. For example, you can introduce new offerings or change designs anytime.

Besides, you can always count on this flexibility for any requests from the customer. As long as you’re using disposable menus, changes won’t scare you or affect your budget. In a nutshell, disposable menus are a chance to refresh, be creative and stay trendy.

A Reassuring Sight for Customers

People love dining out. 73% of the customers were already craving for the reopening of the hospitality sector to dine out. Sure, with the right measures, customers will trickle back to their choice joints.

Most of the customers want the reassurance of their health and safety. No one wants to queue anymore, and cashless payments are now the trend. With that in mind, entire restaurants are readapting to attract back customers.

Using ordering apps and online payments are one step in the right direction. Disposable menus, aprons or gloves can also help prove heightened hygiene standards.

Keep in mind that image is everything in the post-COVID world. A simple impression like disposable menus can go a long way in restoring confidence. Disposables will further mean that everything is super clean. And during peak times, you won’t waste time re-cleaning menus.

Perfect for Weddings, Private Parties, Galas, or Banquets

Thinking of outside catering or hosting a party? You will most likely use a tailored menu for any upcoming special event. And this is because every event has some unique aspects and specific meal plans. Disposable menus are, no doubt the best menu to convey the specifics in any event.

There’s always the need for curating and designing a menu to reflect a particular event. A gala or banquet will have a different menu from a wedding, for example.

You must also use the right colours and finishes to engage and immerse your guests into the menu. Here, disposable menus can allow you to integrate the right colours for uniformity. For sure, you’re likely to be more impressed with menus that can match the event’s theme.

It would help if you also considered that after the event you wouldn’t want to waste time cleaning after your guests. Disposable menus give you a chance to clean with little effort. Collect and dump the menus for recycling, and you’re done. Did we mention disposable menus are also the safest option for hosting parties?

High Standards of Hygiene

Disposable menus can uplift hygiene levels in any restaurant. To illustrate, think of the number of people who can are likely to touch laminated menus. Tens, or hundreds, right? And the number increases if your restaurant is larger.

Even with a rule to sanitize menus after every customer, you can never be sure of hygiene. Your staff can forget to clean, or they may touch other surfaces. If you’re turning tables fast, it’s easy to skip on critical hygiene measures.

Indeed, you don’t want to take chances on your customers’ or staff health. Imagine a reusable menu can harbour up to 185000 germs per square centimetre. You have a slim chance of ensuring hygiene when using reusable menus.

Why not solve the problem by using single-use or disposable menus today? Your risks can be minimal than when using menus that are almost impossible to clean.

Affordable and Convenient

Using disposable menus can seem costly and also cumbersome. But if you’re thinking long term, the cost can make a lot of business sense. The time spent sanitizing the menus can drop drastically after switching. That may also mean relieving the staff from cleaning duties. Or you can save cleaning detergents as a result.

You may also save on printing and designing for you can work with something basic for a one-off impact. But you will mostly enjoy the convenience that comes with using disposable menus. Giving each guest a menu can save them time and make them feel welcomed. It can save staff the effort or embarrassment of picking menus from other tables.

Friendly to the Planet

You may think replacing reusable menus with disposable menus can increase waste. That isn’t always correct. Even though disposable menus are single-use, you can comfortably manage their waste output.

Disposable menus can be recyclable or biodegradable, depending on the materials used. If you’re using plastic laminated menus, you can recycle them to avoid waste or pollution. Some laminations use plant-based plastics to ensure compostability.

Paper-made-disposable menus are the best if you’re buying from an eco-conscious manufacturer. Make sure you’re disposing of the menus correctly after use. That way, you can prevent them from straying into landfills and waterways. You can also ensure recycling and the lifecycle of the used resources increases.

Improve Hygiene and Keep Your Customers with Disposable Menus

Disposable menus are flexible, reassuring and perfect for events. Yet their most important role is to improve hygiene and keep your customers and staff safe. Its hygiene standards might not be 100%. But you can be confident of lessened germs and cleaner menus for your customers.



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