The Need for Biodegradable Items and 6 Other Lessons the Paper Cup Industry Can Learn from the Covid-19 Pandemic

A few days after the coronavirus outbreak, everyone went through drastic changes in their lifestyle. Sporting events halted, while socialising joints shut down.

If you’re a social coffee fanatic, evenings are not the same. Admittedly, it can never get lonelier than taking coffee from your biodegradable paper cup isolated at home.

Lifestyle disruption is only a glimpse of the repercussions from the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have contacted the virus, and hundreds of thousands succumbed to it. The virus has also triggered businesses to be more caring and compassionate.

Biodegradable Items and Paper Cups Face a Gigantic Battle

In the packaging industry, businesses have awakened to the need of more biodegradable items. There are fears short term measures to combat the virus may inspire plastic enthusiasts. Post pandemic, stimulus policies may favour incentives for fossil fuel-intensive industries and overproduction.

Thus sustainability efforts may lose pace. Alternatives to plastics like biodegradable paper cups, compostable plates, or biodegradable food sleeves now face an uphill battle. But there are also motivating possibilities to expect post-pandemic.

While we stagger from the heavy coronavirus punches, we could capitalise on the moment and transform our industries. Climate experts say there are dozens of lessons to pick from the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some lessons the paper cup industry can use to ensure a sustainable post-pandemic.

Small Businesses Need Support to Become Sustainable

The shutdown of most businesses has helped to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. But it has also caused the loss of employment and displayed the instability of most companies. Many small business owners have seen the survival of their enterprises threatened.

The hospitality and the paper cup industries are some of the sectors that face devastating effects. In most areas, restaurants, bars and coffee shops remain shut for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, the UK government has installed financial measures to protect small businesses during this harsh time. Through loans, grants and payment holidays, most small enterprises can now be able to pay staff salaries, rent and buy stock.

Even so, preparedness to counter future pandemics is of greater importance than current quick fixes. The coronavirus caught most small companies off guard. And there’s increased fear of similar economic wilting from climate change.

We Need to Make Environmentalism Personal

Pre coronavirus pandemic, there was a notion climatic change was far away. But we are now awakened to a new wisdom about the interconnectedness of the ecosystem. Almost the entire world is at a standstill after Wuhan people contacted the infectious virus.

For people who consider climate change a non-issue, there are a ton of lessons to learn. COVID-19 has shown that every breakdown is universal and everyone should henceforth stand for the planet.

It’s time everyone resorted to the reuse, recycle and reduce dictum to help reduce the strain on the environment. Recently, we have learned it’s possible to stay without your car. So after the current crisis, carpool more.

Onwards, use biodegradable coffee cups instead of the plastic-coated paper cups. Switch to energy-efficient bulbs instead of regular ones. And make it your call to save water or plant trees.

Investments in Nature Can Boost Business Success

Conserving the environment saves businesses money and assures safety for everyone. Green technologies cut business costs, boost production and create employment. Protecting trees guarantees there’s less erosion, and farmers are safe from floods.

Most natural calamities arise because of the wanton destruction of the environment. And if there’s a lesson to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic is the need to invest in nature. Using sustainable items is one step to ensure there’s lessened exploitation of natural resources.

For instance, in restaurants recycling biodegradable paper cups provides raw materials to manufacturers and helps protect virgin resources.

 It’s Time to Rethink Business Risk

We have known the risk of hurting biodiversity for years. Scientific research from 2017 shows habitat destruction pushes animals to our homes, and that exposes us diseases.

Meanwhile in 2015 during a Ted Talk, Bill Gates warned the world against possible epidemics from an infectious disease. He even proposed measures that can help us cope against any unpredicted virus outbreak. But years later, the coronavirus disaster strikes us off the cuff.

Climatic change poses far worse risks to businesses and human lives. And it requires creative risk strategies to counter the predicted ramifications. Companies need to move fast and adopt green measures to secure the planet.

 A Cultural Shift to Sustainability is Possible

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen governments and businesses overhaul operations to prevent spread. We now have new ways of working, socialising and travelling is nearly impossible.

Pre pandemic, everything trending seemed impossible. What’s the biggest lesson from the unfolding disaster? We can respond to climatic change with similar zest. It all requires global unity and a cultural shift.

For instance, new habits like frequent hand washing are now our way of life. Working from home has gained global acceptance as people realise life must go on. Online deliveries are the order of the day as we strive to reduce physical contacting.

Boosting the Supply of Biodegradable Items is a Necessity Now

Many countries around the world banned plastics and opted for sustainable materials. In shopping malls, reusable bags replaced plastic bags. In coffee shops, biodegradable paper cups were superseding plastics and foam cups.

But with an overreliance on imports for sustainable items, the UK now struggles to meet demand. This led to the temporary waiver of the plastic levy and the postponement of the single-use plastics ban.

The shortage serves as a wakeup call. It’s time we aped sustainable manufacturers such as Bio Paper Cups and went for domestic production. We need an uninterrupted supply of biodegradable or compostable products, even during disasters.

What’s more, biodegradability is a core feature that can enable us to counter many problems that expose us to climatic change. As items that we can place in the soil to break down naturally, they are promising in the fight against pollution.

The COVID-19 birthed new ways of thinking. We are now oozing with mind boggling ideas to address climate change. As seen, the public can swiftly adapt to safeguard their life and protect the vulnerable. What we need now is businesses to opt for sustainable measures and governments’ goodwill.



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