Single Use Plastic Bans across EU ushers in a growth in demand of disposable paper cups and paper food packaging

The European Union (EU) is committed to dealing with plastic waste. At the moment, all the 28 EU members have agreed that there is need to eliminate the use of plastic items such as polystyrene containers used in food and drinks, plastic cutlery, and straws by 2021. Note that the 10 items which are to be banned account for almost 70 percent of marine litter in Europe.

The single-use plastic ban proposal which is awaiting the approval of the European Parliament and Council will see member states being given a 2-year time frame for implementation. The ban is expected to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission by more than 3 million tons and the EU will save more than 22 billion Euros.

The EU is setting a clear environmental rule. The 10-item single-use plastic containers are normally found washed-up in the seas as well as beaches around Europe. As a trendsetter, the union has set tailored measures to ensure that the ban produces the best results. This means that there will be different measures for different plastic products.

Plastic producers will be required to design, label, and have a clear waste management plan. In addition to that, the producers will be required to raise environmental awareness about the use of plastics. Note that the key players in the industry will be provided with incentives which are required for the production of environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Although the plastic ban measure is going to affect some businesses negatively, its still vital and will pave way for new businesses. Furthermore, the plastic industry will continue to thrive because strict recycling and reuse measures will be implemented. Overall, this is going to produce new job opportunities, increase competition, and promote innovation.

There are various challenges which still make the use of single use plastic difficult, more than 250 organizations have fully committed themselves to tackle the plastic waste hazard. The organizations have formed a project that is called the “Alliance to end_ plastic waste” with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation being the key organizer. This alliance will bring about 30 multinationals together with the aim of finding a long-term plastic solution and how the industry’s parameters can be reset.

This new plastic ban commitment is expected to set the pace for the introduction of a circular economy. A research that was conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation indicates that more than 32 percent of the plastic products which were released into the market were never recycled. This means that they were left in the environment, polluting land, water, and air. However, these 250 organizations have a mandate to ensure that unnecessary and problematic plastic is eliminated. Their main aim is to ensure that all the plastic products are compostable, recyclable, or reusable by 2050.

Scyphus is one of the most renowned brands in the UK that’s synonymous with printed paper cups. Having been in this industry for decades, Scyphus’ consistency in the production of branded paper cups is unmatched. We have produced more than 89 million paper cups over the years and with the EU banning single-use plastic containers &. packaging pro-actively, the company sees an immediate future rise in demand of branded paper cups. The approval of the proposed ban means that plastic ice-cream cups, plastic cups or any other plastic container, be it for hot or cold beverages, will soon get replaced with paper cups. So far, there are various sample products which have been released to consumers. However, its time these samples are removed so that the implementation process can begin.
For starters, our brand supports sustainable forestry and is keen on helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Scyphus is aware of the vital role the environment plays in sustaining all forms of life on earth and applies all the necessary measures to ensure that forests are protected. We normally use papers that are procured from mills that have to engage in a safe and suitable type of forestry in order to prevent deforestation. We are known to produce a wide range of premium products which include branded paper cups and boxes such as:

Double Wall Paper Cups

They are normally coated with PE or PLA. Scyphus double wall printable paper cups are the most sought-after thanks to their unique design as well as their application. They are also known as the takeaway coffee cups thanks to the quality extra barrier which promotes insulation.

Compostable Paper Cups are what Scyphus believes would change the way consumable single use packaging is to be like in the future. These are biodegradable printed paper cups which are 100 percent compostable. They are normally coated with PLA and have an eco-friendly design. Compostable Paper Cups’ texture and print in addition to strength are considered premium.

Scyphus’ high reputation is derived from the fact that we make tailored paper cups which meet the specific needs of different clients. Over the years, our company’s main goal is to help businesses “re-brand” their brand identities while using biodegradable paper cups. We guarantee our clients unique, quality, cost-effective, and the best branded paper cups that fit the European Class.

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