Scyphus will offer only 100% biodegradable paper cups and containers by end 2018

As a responsible leader in the food and beverage packaging industry in the UK, Scyphus launched an impressive range of 100% biodegradable paper cups in 2016, pioneering in the green movement. Relentlessly continuing to improve its products, it will manufacture solely 100% biodegradable paper cups and food containers by the end of 2018.

Having sold over 55 million of branded recyclable paper cups up to now, Scyphus is aware of that by embracing a completely sustainable approach to food packaging it can bring its contribution in helping safeguard the environment.  Going green can not only reduce waste but can also trim other costs, improve efficiency and attract positive customer response. Worldwide, governments are promoting ecologically friendly initiatives, urging businesses to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.  In the United Kingdom, a similar approach has been adopted. As a key player in the foodservice industry and as a partner of several large brands, Scyphus is devoting itself to offer the best possible solutions for sustainable development.

Scyphus welcomes the “latte levy” on non-recyclable disposable cups

The visionary initiative of the Northampton-based company to go for fully 100% biodegradable and compostable products is proving to be right. A fresh report by the Environmental Audit Committee has led an outcry whereby MPs are demanding a 25p “latte levy” on disposable cups seen as problematic due to recycling constraints and the impacts on the environment. This tax should help to improve recycling and reprocessing facilities. The MPs are also calling for a complete ban on non-recyclable disposable cups by 2023, agreeing that the plastic lining in paper cups too makes them costly to recycle. An initial measure on behalf of the government is expected as soon as February.

Scyphus is welcoming this initiative. Since its creation, the company nurtured a far-sighted mission to harness the booming foodservice industry while respecting the environment and promoting sustainability initiatives. As such, Scyphus launched itself in the manufacturing of branded paper cups and food containers that are fully recyclable when disposed in proper recycle waste bins.

To help curb harmful consequences on the environment and place the health of customers at the topmost of its priorities, the company did not delay in developing a 100% biodegradable and compostable solution. Same was launched in 2016.

The current goal is now to shift towards complete sustainability by producing only 100% biodegradable and compostable products by the end of this year. Since then, the company’s 100% biodegradable cups have also enjoyed a high rate of popularity amongst clients eager to demarcate themselves from competitors in the market. Client’s positive response is yet another decisive factor that urged Scyphus to aim at producing only 100% biodegradable products to meet the needs of the market.

Scyphus commits to delivering healthy and conscientious products

Many citizens, as well as businesses, are embracing responsible consumption around the world. Scyphus is one of them, believing that there should not be any blurry zone, especially in the present landscape where bioplastics are accessible as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

Since its setting up, the company has devoted itself to offer affordable branded paper cups and containers without sacrificing eco-friendly features. The paper is bought from mills that source timber from sustainable forests, ensuring high quality and competitive prices.

Scyphus is a visionary market leader making the most of biodegradable food packaging

The biodegradable food packaging market is poised to expand rapidly. A recent research conducted by PMR reveals that the cups and bowls segment account for the major biodegradable foodservice disposables market share and it is going to continue flourishing until 2022. In the same vein, disposable products like paper cups rule the market as a powerful waste management solution.

Big event caterers and distributors have understood this and are equally playing the game, pairing the need for convenience and the need for environmentally friendly products in the foodservice industry. Scyphus considers that as a leader in the market, it is its responsibility to fully embrace sustainability to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint to preserve and protect the planet for future generations and make it a better place for current ones. In the same breath, it has been helping brands chisel a solid corporate image by advocating biodegradable items and fully recyclable products too.

Why Scyphus encourages clients to adopt its 100% biodegradable products

Today 100% biodegradable paper cups and food containers represent one of the prime solutions to promote responsible consumption. These fully compostable paper cups and containers manufactured with bioplastics made from plants such as corn, are sustainably sourced, fully compostable, and can be fully recycled with food waste. Apart from potato starch, bioplastics are furthermore safe for atopic consumers, containing no allergens.

In this era where people tend to be more concerned about their health and the health of the planet, companies incorporating eco-friendly products and strategies are appealing to a large clientele. The use of 100% biodegradable paper cups and food containers in food and coffee outlets, or restaurants, is seen as a sustainable practice.

The branded 100% biodegradable products proposed by Scyphus can help players in the food and beverage industry to solidly engage with consumers: the cup a serving of coffee is being sold in, for instance, can be the selling point for many consumers by delivering a sense of quality while also reflecting the brand image. Adopting creative designs along with recycled and biodegradable materials for food and beverage items will reinforce consumers’ good feelings about the products. Indeed, a brand that projects environmental concerns is highly regarded in general by its customers. This can undeniably be translated into increased sales, profits, and returns on investment.

Scyphus, betting on high quality products, furthermore guarantees that its 100% biodegradable range of products will keep their sturdy features, helping brands boost perceptions of quality in their customers’ eyes and ensure customer satisfaction.

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